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    • BEER LEAGUE: A Team V Eclipse The boys end their two game losing streak to tie 7-7 in a physical game. Punchy 2g+ 2a+10PIMs. 2 years ago
    • BEER LEAGUE: Killer B's V Animals B Team fall to rivals The Animals 3-8 in a game played with no subs 3 weeks running. Monster – 2 goals. 2 years ago
    • It's been a while but I'll start updating DRHC twitter followers with game results, player availabilities, injuries and events. Starting now 2 years ago
    • What is the deal with taxi drivers. Always on the phone on their hands free! 3 years ago
    • The A team going back-to-back TNL championships beating The Titans 7-3. You're the best arooouuuund! 3 years ago

Killer B’s record first victory, all thanks to our Brilliant Comrade

*Please note that this weeks game write up has been prepared by Me Fook Puk, a visiting sports journalist from the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea* The masses rejoice as our Outstanding Leader scores 14 goals and records a shut out! – by Me Fook Puk. Kim Jong Un‘s 14 goal haul and outstanding … Continue reading

Premiership Hangover Haunts the Killer B’s; Costs Moose His Job.

Reservoir, Vic. The Killer B’s interim GM, Moose, has been sacked by the DRHC Board of Directors after the Killer B’s 8-4 loss to Empire last night. Moose, who also sits on the DRHC Board, drew the short straw at the board meeting and had the unfortunate task of informing himself that he had been … Continue reading

The A-Team: 2012 Summer TNL Champs. Back row (from L to R) - T-Bone, Punchy, Monster, Stavros, Mirrors. Sitting - Blowy, Moose, Waterboy (goalie).


Reservoir, Vic A near capacity crowd was on hand at Puckhandlers Stadium on Thursday night to witness the Dutch Rudderz yet again re-re-write the record books, by winning both the A & B Grade championships of the TNL in dominating fashion. Constant offensive pressure on Shepprezent made the difference in the A-Team’s 6-2 victory, while … Continue reading

Mirrors faces off in the Rudderz 5-4 win of the Fudpuckers.

Both Teams Advance to the Granny after The A-Rudz Down The Fuds & The B-Boys Bruise The Bears.

Reservoir, Vic A brilliant overtime marker by Punchy was the difference between The A-Team and the Fudpuckers Tuesday night, with the boys in Orange and Black earning a place in tonight’s TNL A Grade Grand Final against Shepprezent. The intense, physical style of play from both teams was reminiscent of days of old, with penalties … Continue reading

Hubby is fearless. Even against hockey players who know Karate.

The A-Team & The Killer B’s advance into the ’12 TNL Summer Season Playoffs.

Reservoir, Vic Do you remember ‘Twins’ with Arnie Shwartzen.. Schwartsin… with Arnie and Danny DeVito in it? And how they were twins named Julius (Arnie) and Vincent (Danny) and wore matching suits? Well that’s kinda how things turned out for the Dutch Rudderz at the end of the ’12 TNL Summer Season. Both teams finished … Continue reading


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